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payslip - needs urgent for fairwork compliance#648


payslip needs the following to be compliant -

  1. needs field to add employee job tiltle - eg: boiler maker, carpenter, machine operator etc
  2. needs field to add award name
  3. needs field for employee status - ie: casual/full time/part time etc

also an area to add employers logo on the payslip would be nice

3 years ago

Hi. We have looked into your comment and found that as per the details on the fair work website
there doesn’t seem to be any mention that employee job title, award name or employee status is needed for payslips to be compliant. On their payslip templates there is an * on these options which states below that these options are not a requirement under the Fair work regulations 2009, since July 2009. To confirm this, we spoke with a Fair work adviser who also stated that these are not mandatory. We will look into adding these features as an option in the future.

3 years ago
Merged into Employment type and Job title on payslip#93
a year ago