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Custom Report Date Range Entry#470


I have found that the calendars for entering the date range on Custom reports under Documents do not work for Win XP and only under certain screen resolutions on Win 10 can you see the Apply button.
Please consider making the date range also available as a manual entry as you do for rates, hours, etc so that Custom reports can be used more universally over various OS. Otherwise make your reporting periods selectable between calendar month or pay period.

3 years ago

The calendars for the custom date range for reports I find totally unusable and annoying, would be great if it was easier to use thanks :)

3 years ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
3 years ago

Completed agree I can not select apply button it is driving me nuts I need the report on custom date range for workers comp

2 years ago

Has anyone found a way around this?

2 years ago

only way i found was to have the screen in MAX window view so that the apply button shows in the window at the bottom

2 years ago

Yes it has to be MAX window view to see the apply button

a year ago