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Piece rates#329


Please make a feature where we can pay piece rates.
This will open up a large agricultural market for you, where shearers are paid per sheep, wool handlers, pressers and classers are paid per run in a shearing shed, fruit pickers are paid per basket of apples, etc.
We can’t just use hours as a fake unit meaning sheep because a shearer might shear 200 sheep in a day - it would exceed the number of hours in a week.
Thank you
Penny Giblett

4 years ago

As a small crop farmer all our staff are paid by piece rates, this would be a great addition for farmers thank you

4 years ago

Looking to be able to enter piece rates for shearers, many farmers would use this option also for fruit picking ect and to be able to set a flat rate of tax as per the shearing tax rates

4 years ago
Merged into Contractor PAYG - no set monthly pay#62
4 years ago