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Sick and annual leave#200


When you enter leave via the scheduled leave page it records the entries and they can be viewed on the “scheduled leave approved” page (it shows in days - what if less than day is taken) When entering scheduled leave it gives an oportunity to record notes. There does seem to be any way of accessing these notes later.

However, when entering leave (sick or annual) directly from a payrun, (using the add sick or annual leave optionsin blue) it doesnt seem to be recorded anywhere - only adjusts the leave balances. The annual leave is recorded on the individual payslip, but the sick leave is not.
Can Sick leave taken also be shown on the payslip?

So there does not seem to be a report available for sick or annual leave taken in the reports section. Only the leave balances are available. It be helpfull if there was a report available for showing Annual leave and Sick leave taken for an employee in the reports section. At present it seems the only way of checking what annual leave an employee has taken is by going through each payslip. There does not seem to be any way of checking totals for sick leave taken.

4 years ago

Furthermore, it would be helpful to link the scheduled leave with a payrun running in the same period - as a trigger to remind the payroller that the employee is taking leave

And definitely being able to access the notes is essential.

Also, in scheduling, it’d be helpful if one was able to indicate number of public holidays in that period (very helpful at Christmas time and Easter) which would then, logically, deduct from the annual leave scheduled to be taken.

3 years ago

On my previous comment, above, I see that the payrun does refer to scheduled leave (excellent, thanks) and even calculates correctly when payout of leave taken in lieu of leave (also excellent).

On further items related to this screen/function, I’d like to sort the date of scheduled leave as it shows from oldest to most recent which means I need to scroll down to get to the one that’s closest to now. So, on that score, it might be handy to have a ‘show range’ or some such thing.

And when you’re ready to get super clever with this, showing it on a gantt chart would be super awesome!

3 years ago
Merged into Leave Request - Modifiable Total Hours#136
3 years ago