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Leave Request - Modifiable Total Hours#136

Currently one day leave calculates at 7.6 hours.

However I have staff that request partial days off.

Alternatively for when part-time staff, who only work half days, request leave.

4 years ago

This request was raised previously in #104. However the proposed solution, from my understanding does not resolve the issue. Modifying the leave accured on the next payrun would not allow for accurate tracking of leave requests or used leave.

4 years ago

Real life, come to work, feel worse and take sick leave for part day.
Solution, allow to edit the -7.60 hours in Sick/Carers Leave summary to the used hours for that date. This makes the employee leave record accurate.

4 years ago

Any update on this?

4 years ago

Hi there, in the payrun section leave is allocated based on hours. If employees request partial days off you can simply record the hours that have been taken. If this isnt what you are requesting will you be able to specify the feature you are requesting and give us an example of what this could look like? Thank you

3 years ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
3 years ago

Hi There,

From recollection the feature I was requesting related to your leave request section.

To clarify, this request has nothing to do with the actual payrun and everything to do with leave request record keeping.

I never ended up using your inbuilt system because I did not want to risk screwing with staff leave accural calculations and instead have been tracking manually just adding in the used hours as part of the payrun leave section as you have mentioned.

In terms of what I suggest you add. Your leave request form currently provideds a projected leave based on the number of days requested at 7.6. Whilst its great this form auto calculates, the actual amount needs to be modifiable. You could do this by taking the ‘leave usage’ text line and changing part of it to a numbers field.

For reference, an example of leave request history tracking done well is
Quickbooks Your Payroll. I have attached a snippet for your review.

3 years ago

Thank you for clarifying and thank you for giving us an idea of the feature you were requesting. I will let our development team know about this feature.

3 years ago
Merged Sick and annual leave#200
3 years ago

When will this be implemented?
Employees and administrators should be able to select hours upon leave request, not just a standard one day. This should also be reflected in the deducted leave hours.

a month ago