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Custom Reports#1067


Custom reports need to have a better date start and end method. The calendars will not allow you to enter any more than a two-month period, for example. Why not just allow manual entry of the required period ??? You are trying to be too clever with the calendar-entry method. Because my normal day to STP fell on1st July. 2020, the figures for the last week of June now appear in this FY. I’m sure this will get sorted when STP finalisation is done, but it would be very useful to get a report which removes these amounts now. Please fix this simple problem ASAP.

3 years ago

Hi there, custom reports can be allocated for more than two months. There are two arrows located on the left and right of the month. You must select the first date and then the end date and click “apply” to confirm.

The payruns calculates based off of the payment date. So if your payment date is located in July then this will move your payrun into the next financial year. If your payrun is meant to fall into June you will have to edit the payrun to 0 and resubmit to remove this from the ATO and then create a new payrun with the correct dates but have the payment date be within june so that it will fall into this financial year.

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3 years ago
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